Each year, we create a promotional calendar for Legistics, who provide international practice support services to large, multi-office law firms. The object is to make these publications interesting enough that customers will enjoy keeping them on their desks (and keeping Legistics top of mind) even though most people use digital solutions for their day-to-day scheduling.

For 2019, we focused on “The Face of Justice: Pioneering Women Jurists” and commissioned six talented artists to create portraits of these international legal visionaries. The results are beautiful, intriguing and emotionally resonant. (Click an image to see them larger.)

Congratulations to our lead designer Anat Rodan, and to the illustrators — Agata Nowicka, Andrea Ventura, Florian Nicolle, Pep Montserrat, Sonia Pullido and Żaneta Antosik — for creating such a powerful piece.