When Hector Limón and Mariella Avenarius look out their window in San Pedro, they have a dramatic view of Los Angeles Harbor. It’s bustling with activity and bristling with the enormous cranes that inspired George Lucas to create the AT-AT Imperial Walkers for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Above it all is the majestic sweep of the Vincent Thomas Bridge that connects their city with Terminal Island. The bridge is often ghostly, shrouded in the foggy morning marine layer that cloaks our shoreline, then dissipates as the sun warms up the coast.

Wracking their brains trying to come up with a name for their new interior and custom furniture design studio, the partners looked out the window.

And Bridge + Fog was born.

We were delighted to design their new identity. A strong, simple graphic that can be molded into the underside of the clean, contemporary concrete furniture Hector creates. Something evocative. A bit surprising. Worth looking at a second time. And worth remembering.

Bridge + Fog is just starting out. We wish them enormous success and hope their logo works hard for them as they build connections for their new brand.