Benetton UNHATE campaign

If it’s true, as Seth Godin says, that you’re either remarkable or invisible, then Benetton may have redefined “remarkable”. Their new UNHATE campaign features world leaders kissing — and I think it’s awesome. The cringe factor, the humor, the humanity, the irreverence, all combine to make the ads simply unforgettable.

For years, Benetton has been a brand that makes waves, that challenges our assumptions and our prejudices. It’s what I love about them. But whether or not we love them or hate them, we sure do know who they are. They stand for something — in this case, for world peace and better communication between humans. Not a bad thing.

As branding mavens, we should all pay attention to this one idea: remarkable or invisible. Those are your choices. When in doubt, take a risk. It’s far less risky than doing what’s safe and expected.

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