Some businesses are more fun to work on than others. And waste management? You’d think that would be at the bottom of the list. But you’d be wrong.

Commercial waste management includes recycling, environmental impact and restrictions, tightly controlled regulation, and multiple waste streams. Not to mention the coordination of multiple suppliers, schedules and costs that can have a big effect on your bottom line.

What’s strange is that the industry itself seems to think it’s boring, At least based on the general level of ho-hum that characterized the websites of our new client’s competitors.

Boredom = Opportunity

So when Principle Waste and Environmental Services asked us to help with their new brand, we saw a giant hole in the marketplace. One they filled nicely.

First, though, we needed to address the name. They were referring to themselves as “PWES”. Not memorable. Not pronounceable. Almost anonymous.

But their real “first name” is “Principle”. And they picked it for real reasons. Their down-to-earth approach. Their solid integrity. Their hands-on, real-people team that creates a principled partnership with their clients. We recommended that they anchor the brand to that word and to those ideas.

Next, positioning.

Where do they fit among the other brands in their business?

Principle’s job is to take over the complexity and general annoyance of dealing with multiple waste streams, so their clients can focus on managing the actual properties. The company is small, but their founder has big experience and they are poised to grow. They’re friendly and personable, but thoroughly professional.

We wanted their brand identity to embody the credibility of an established company, but to have the warmth of the close, supportive working relationships they create. So we gave the logo a corporate vibe. But the site added personality, humor and attention-getting imagery. A nice balance that authentically aligns with who they are and what they offer.

The new site is only recently up and running, so no major results quite yet. But response from those who’ve experienced it has been 100% positive. And it’s infused their sales efforts with excitement, pride and confidence.

Want to bring design thinking like this to help power your company? Sure you do. Nobody wants to see a great brand opportunity… ahem… go to waste.