The 2022 calendar we created for Legistics just received a Communicator Award of Excellence! We’ll add that to last year’s Gold and the previous year’s Gold for a trifecta of corporate calendar projects.

This year, we feature the work of a remarkable photographer, Eric Retterbush. We used his pictures of front-line workers who braved COVID and a whole range of other emergencies in order to keep the rest of us safe and healthy.

Eric creates tintypes, an early form of photography that was used to document the Civil War. There are no tricky filters involved. it’s an honest, analog look at a moment in time, recorded with sensitivity, appreciation and style.

We’re thrilled that our amazing client, Phil Frengs, CEO of Legistics, consistently encourages our team to create memorable, effective, award-winning pieces like this one.

Congratulations to creative director Josh Freeman, designer Amy Crossan and writer Emily Hutta; to Eric; and to the incredible individuals we celebrated.