Can we predict the future of remote work? Probably.

As I posted on my WorkLife@Home blog, Seth Godin, business guru, marketing guru, all-purpose let’s-change-the-culture guru, recently recorded an episode of his fascinating podcast Akimbo, in which he talked about what offices are actually for.What do you think they’re for? Why do we have offices at all?

Seems obvious to some people, but the history of the modern office is short — less than 150 years or so — and steeped in cultural shifts.

Now that companies have seen that it’s not really necessary to have everyone in the same place all the time (something they’ve actually known for years, had they considered it), will they really go back to their pre-pandemic ways?


“Forward-looking organizations…might not decide that the office of the future looks a lot like the office of the past. They might decide that what’s in front of them is this massive opportunity to coordinate the activity of committed people who are bringing emotional labor — soft skills, real skills — and insight to the table…

There’s no chance we’re going back to the office of 1957. And I think there’s little chance that we’re going back to the office of 2015.”

Want to hear more? You can listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.