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This full page ad ran on the cover of the List section.
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Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is to maintain a message and an idea. People inside your company often get bored long before your target audience even notices what’s going on.

True, we’ve done some campaigns that change completely each year. But usually those were for events and the goal was to create a sense of freshness each time. The Revlon Run/Walk for Women and the Mercedes-Benz Cup Tennis Tournament fell into that category.

But often, clients are antsy to abandon things too soon. It’s the longer view that creates relationships, not the anxious panic that sets in when you’ve been working with the same idea for a while and you think your audience is already bored just because you are.

Trust me. They have other stuff on their minds. You’re really not that important to them. With infrequent placement and a limited budget, they’re barely starting to notice you.

Okay, now the other side of the coin.

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This half-page ad ran inside the List section as a follow-on from the cover ad.
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If you have a solid theme, a powerful idea, you can milk it. Stick with it — but play with it, expand on it or extend it in ways that keep things fresh, entertaining and engaging.

Our Collaboration campaign for Green Hasson Janks seems to get more interesting the more we develop it. The stories (thanks to writer Emily Hutta) are fascinating and surprising. And the collection becomes even stronger as a series.

We’re in our second year and this concept just keeps going. The latest incarnation appears this morning (Monday, March 11) in the Los Angeles Business Journal in the List section on Top L.A. Law Firms. The QR code links readers to the Green Hasson Janks website for the full tale.

Take a look. Even you might be curious about how P.T. Barnum and Jenny Lind’s legal contract was so central to their success.