The power of viral marketing is just amazing. And it looks like Evian managed to harness it big-time.

It started with a funny little video called “Baby Break Dance” that went up in June and now has about 500,000 hits. Not bad. But the new “Roller Babies” video posted July 2 has already received 3 million hits on YouTube as of this writing.


The question is, where the hell is this supposed to be going?

My very smart friend/client Laura who showed it to me was kind of stunned at how off-strategy it seems. As was I. The Evian brand has long been about health + fashion. Now it’s about — what? Cute, slightly nutty CGI babies?

The phrase “Live young” seems good, smart. A nice extension of the brand’s health equity. And you can’t argue with the attention-getting quality of the Roller spot itself. So I guess we should just be patient and see what develops.

Meanwhile, I’m going to go get a drink of good old L.A. tap — one of the top-rated waters in the world!