We just got the word that the brand new site we created for Outsource Partners International has gone live, and we’re excited to share it with you. OPI is a top finance and accounting outsourcing company, with operations on three continents and an international clientele. Their target audience is primarily CFOs of major corporations.

OPI's new home pageAs part of a comprehensive rebranding program, the site had to strike a balance between the high level of professionalism required when one company is trusting its most sensitive financial data to another — and the warm personal relationships that are necessary for insightful partnerships to develop. We balanced the immediacy of black & white photo journalism with a highly organized clean structural grid. Touches of bright color keep things lively and give users an aid to navigation, helping them stay oriented through a large and complex site.

While we more often develop entire sites for our clients, in this case, we designed the interface, created all the graphics, and programmed a set of master page templates from which OPI’s in-house team implemented the rest of the site. Kevin Consales was our lead designer (on the brand refresh as well). Chris Grau led the development team.

Joanna and the OPI crew have been great to work with, and, together, I think we’re putting a well-designed, well-targeted new face on OPI’s communications. One that much more accurately reflects who they are and where they’re heading.