Be Green home pageBe Green  is an innovative manufacturer of tree-free, compostable packaging. If you’re a CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) that statement will perk you right up, because you’re charged with finding new solutions to reduce the amount of gunk your company puts into our atmosphere, our water and our landfills. And you’re one of the target audiences for the new site.

When Be Green began just a few years ago, they had a down-home visual style. Birkenstock ads would have felt right at home on their website. But as they grew, they found themselves competing in a corporate world against giant packaging producers for huge consumer product accounts. They needed to look as professional, competent and state-of-art as, in fact, they are. It was actually a natural (pardon me) stage of their development: they had outgrown their old positioning.

Our job was to reimagine their brand without losing continuity. We developed a campaign based around the idea that “sometimes the best packaging ideas are right in front of us.” Then we created a fresh new grid-based style that says “we’re pros” without losing the genuine concern, the humanity and the tactile qualities that characterize their operation.

The site still has a few missing bits and pieces that will be filled in as Ron and Robert, the incredibly busy partners (and their staff), have a little more time to focus on this kind of stuff and add to it. But they’re out changing the world, working with monster brands like Gillette, and opening a brand new plant in South Carolina, so their attention is on lots and lots of exciting developments beside their website. And that’s great news, too.

Take a look. We hope you enjoy learning a little about sustainable packaging. We sure did!