When we begin working with a new client — unless we’re doing a complete re-branding — there are often style guidelines in place. And as much fun as it might be to start fresh, strategically it makes no sense. In that case, our job becomes one of interpretation.

Taxing Thoughts landing pageGreen Hasson Janks had recently completed a major overhaul of their visual identity. They needed a blog designed and built that would complement their existing website, which already reflected the new look and feel.

Given the tight restrictions, we came up with an interpretation that gently stretched the guidelines without violating the integrity of the brand.

In a well thought-through identity system, there’s almost always some creative leeway. After all, when we design one, we don’t want to tie our own hands, nor do we want to make it difficult for others to interpret the new style. So we create a set of “colors” (both literal and metaphorical) that allow interpretation while maintaining continuity.

Above is our take on Green Hasson Janks’ Taxing Thoughts, which went live just before Thanksgiving. Take a look, then click through to their main site to see how it feels in context.

We also created a printed announcement to introduce their staff and clients to the new blog, and help launch it with a bang. It’s been well received, and it both reinforces and expands their brand identity.