Rendering of Carson project

Community Dynamics has been our client for 25 years. During that time, we’ve handled their corporate branding as well as the design and advertising for nearly all of their communities. And together along the way we’ve had some big successes and won a few national awards for marketing.

Smart guys that they are, they’re learning, rethinking and adjusting to the ever-changing real estate market. They’re now focusing more and more on urban mixed-use infill development. But their old website was still very much about suburban homes. They needed to reflect their more diversified direction, while still maintaining the equity of their brand, and of their successful history as a scrappy, independent developer.

A new website was in order. So we built one.

The repositioned Community Dynamics, poised to succeed in a tough economy, is online. Take a look.

(Thanks to associates Janina Lovern and Chris Grau for all their great work!)