In March of 2020, millions of people suddenly found themselves working from home — trying to figure out how to juggle their kids, jobs, spouses and sanity as they navigated a painfully unfamiliar way of working.

With the advent of all that, we considered how we could make a contribution to the larger community.

FreeAssociates has been a distributed team working remotely since we started the company in 1993. We know how to do this. And what we don’t know, others do.

So we designed and built an online forum. A community where people could ask questions, get answers, and perhaps have a little fun along the way. It’s called WorkLife@Home and you can find it and join it right here.

We added a few helpful articles, too, and we’ll add more over time.

But then we thought, why stop there?

What if we could find some human stories and share both the confusion and the solutions in a podcast? Would people enjoy hearing about other people dealing with the same issues? Would it be interesting to find out how they’re coping? What if we could talk to some experts about managing remote teams?

Cool, right?

Well that’s happening as well! And we’re proud to have dropped our first episode. I’m so excited to share it with our friends! (And hope you will, too.)

You can listen here, or find us and subscribe on your favorite podcatcher app —  Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsOvercastStitcherSpotifyAmazon Music, TuneIn and PocketCast  — or wherever you normally listen.

And if you like what you hear, please leave us a review. It’ll help other people find us. Thanks!