Baby's hand grasping adult thumb

I’ve known Gabriel Tigerman since he was three. He’s a talented actor, a funny writer and a kind and wonderful human. His parents, Wendy and Gary, are dear friends and Wendy’s been my co-creative rock for years. So when they announced that Gabe’s beautiful actor/comedian wife Kathryn was pregnant with their first child, I was thrilled, as was everyone whose lives they’d touched (and there have been many). Baby showers were held. Lamaze classes were attended. Cribs were assembled.

But the birth was fraught with unbelievable disaster. Baby Alice was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Kathryn’s life hung by a thread, all her vital organs shutting down as doctors made a heroic effort to save her.

Fortunately, it worked. Unfortunately, she now faces a long, difficult and very expensive recovery. You can read more here, on a site that’s been set up to deal with this horrific situation.

If you can help them out, even just a little, I know it would mean a lot to them — and to all of us. Thanks.



(That an event like this can wipe a young family out financially, or hang a lifelong debt over their heads — much as a stroke or cancer or a heart attack can do the same for older people — is deeply wrong in a country as powerful, wealthy and creative as ours. I’m very happy we are moving away from that model. I hope that process continues and that the new system is honed so it actually works. But that’s another blog post. — JF)