Yes, it’s true. The 11th annual COPi Cup raised more money in a single evening than in any previous year: $272,250. A generous donor added $500 after our delightful client Phil Frengs signed the Big Check!

Funds support scholarships for young golfers who have shown exceptional leadership skills and commitment to helping other kids learn to enjoy this sport we all love. Some of our recipients are the first in their families to attend college. And with higher education becoming less and less affordable, the SCGA Junior Foundation helps open doors to a bright future.

FreeAssociates has produced all the related graphic elements, website, videos and A/V presentations for the COPi Cup since 2014. While the players are out enjoying the gorgeous courses of Pebble Beach Resort, we’re behind the scenes coordinating the fundraising dinner and related activities. It’s a lot of work, but truly gratifying when we see results like these.

Our attendees’ generosity has helped provide educational funding for over 60 scholars to date, with more on the horizon. So far, the Foundation has awarded over $1.6 million in scholarships. All thanks to the generosity of people like our COPi Cup players, the vision of founder Phil Frengs, and ongoing work of the folks at SCGA Junior. It’s an effort we’re proud to be part of!