Last night I discovered Mixel for the iPad. It’s a simple concept, brilliantly executed.

About half of social media is photos. But what if you could put those images, or any other images you can find on the web, together to make collages? What if doing it were as intuitive as — and even easier than — pasting clippings together from a magazine?

Former NY Times design director Khoi Vinh has developed an app that does all that and lets you share the result with your friends, or the world. You don’t have to be able to draw. You can just play. And you’ll surprise yourself with your own creativity.

As a medium for personal visual expression, there has never been anything like the tablet computer. And Mixel exploits that beautifully. The natural way you use it makes it easy to open Mixel and start messing with it.

User Jordan Duke took it one step further and created an animated diorama using Mixel screenshots and iMovie. Take a look.

Mixel is free on the iTunes App Store.