Remote learning? Budget cuts? How are our schools coping? Linda Greenberg lives at the nexus of parents, teachers and administrators. 

As head of the Santa Monica Education Foundation, she hears both the complaints and the solutions — while her nonprofit raises millions of dollars to support education.

At FreeAssociates, we’ve worked with Linda and her team to promote fundraising events, bring audiences to see theater productions, and even redesigned their brand identity when they changed their organizations’s name. It’s been a long and fulfilling relationship.

In Episode 11 of WorkLife@Home, we explore the fear, anger and struggles parents have around schooling their kids in this strange time; the exhaustion and inspiration of teachers trying to cope; and the budget cuts and challenges of an administration looking to support its community. Somehow.

We also talk about the novel switch to on-line fundraising and learn more about how Linda runs a successful, high-impact nonprofit — from home.

Episode Notes

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Stuff we talk about:

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