Gabe leaves for college in just a few weeks.

Last night, we uncovered a Rolling Stone magazine from March, where Jon Stewart is talking with Bruce Springsteen about art, and whether he worries about losing his muse.

Springsteen says:

Then my kids came along , and at some point, Patti was assisting me in the fact that I was not as attentive a father as I should be, and my argument was, “Don’t you understand? I’m thinking of a song!”
. . .
One day I realized, “Wait. I’ve got it. I’ve got more music in my head than I’m going to live to put out.’ But your son or your daughter, they’re going to be gone tomorrow. or the day after. I realized, “This is what’s going to be gone, and this is what’s going to always be here, not the other way around.” Music and art are always flowing through the ether — they’ll always be there — but life, life moves on and is gone. Life is locked in an eternal dance with time, and unlike art and time, the two can’t be separated.

Thanks, Bruce.