In the olden days (a year or two ago) when you wanted to raise funds for your cause — especially in education —  you’d hold a party. You’d charge parents to get in. You’d wine and dine them. You’d have a live auction. People would get tipsy enough to open their wallets. And you’d have some money to help run your programs.

Turns out, you can do almost all of that online!

 It’s a different kind of party. People bring their own wine. But they have a fantastic time, and (bottom line) they’re happy to open their wallets to support a great organization doing work they believe in.

Our dedicated friends at Santa Monica Education Foundation (whose brand identity we designed  — along with lots of other promotional and communication pieces) just live-streamed their 6th annual wine auction. And did rather well, raising $254,688 in about an hour!

We designed the Wine Auction logo, digital & print ads and title slides. We also gave them some useful templates to play with, and their talented, creative and crazily hard-working team did the rest — creating a moment of laughter, joy and enormous generosity. 

Congratulations, Ed Foundation. You knocked it out of the park!

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