African kids using Lifestraw

Yeah, this Quora article title is ripe for self-promotional mediocrity. But much of it is actually amazing. Some brilliant — even life-changing — solutions to everyday problems. I couldn’t stop reading.

  • A bicycle made of cardboard that’s waterproof, fireproof and will cost third-world riders $9.
  • A smart pitcher that tells you when your milk is sour — invented by sixth-graders.
  • A genome sequencer that costs about $1,000 and can sequence an entire human gene set in a few hours, vs. the 13 years and $4 billion it took to do the first one 8 years ago.
  • The wonderful, practical Bobble water bottle that filters your water as you drink it (we own two of them).

And so much more. Check it out — it’ll get added to as people discover the page.