Tempur-Pedic is generally considered to be the top mattress brand in the world. It’s a profitable line and an industry powerhouse. Our client, Tempur Sealy, has been working hard to keep it that way.

They’ve built a team of agencies who are redefining Tempur-Pedic, led by the international branding firm Landor. (I can’t complain — we successfully rebranded both PosturePedic and Sealy for the company over the last several years, and we’ve been the lead agency this year on some other amazing projects for this client.)

It’s both flattering and fascinating to be part of the Tempur-Pedic team with these other talented design and advertising agencies.

As part of the new brand introduction, we helped design the permanent Tempur-Pedic showroom at Las Vegas World Market Center. Reception to the new positioning and graphic approach was universally enthusiastic, from retailers and sales staff alike. More to come!