The productivity geek in me has surfaced again. I’m a guy who really doesn’t like using a mouse any more than I have to when I’m reading emails or navigating around my computer. I’m a long-time Quicksilver user, who switched to Launchbar about a year ago and never looked back. I just love the speed with which I can find things, open applications, email files to clients or move a file to another location on my computer. But the one thing Launchbar can’t deal with is Mail folders.

I have my email pretty organized — folders for each client, and a bunch of other folders as well. And dragging emails around with a mouse to file them is a pain. If you agree, then meet MsgFiler, a slick little plug-in for Mail.

With a single keystroke, you get a little pop-up window. Start typing the name of a folder — just a few letters — and it gives you a list of all the matches. Select one and bam! your email is moved right where you want it.

Adam Tow is the developer. Eight bucks is the price. Go get yourself a copy.