"Lulu" from the beautiful Karito Kids world collection

This has been quite a week for our clients getting video coverage! The latest is the upstart toy manufacturer KidsGive, and their line of Karito Kids dolls, books and accessories.

Their concept is simple — and wonderful.

When kids buy these gorgeous dolls, a portion of the sale is given to Plan, the international children’s charity. The girls get an activation code that takes them to, where they get to direct their portion of that contribution to Family, Food, Home or Health. It gets children immediately involved, and they learn they can make a difference in other kids’ lives.

On the site, they also get to play games to earn World Change “coins” that they can apply to give even more. They learn about giving back, and they learn about the world.

The dolls have won literally dozens of industry awards since they launched three years ago, and KidsGive has expanded the line to include small soft dolls, jewelry, and more.

Laura Rangel is co-founder and CEO. She’s absolutely amazing — more smarts, optimism and energy in one place than just about anybody I’ve had the pleasure to work with. She talks with the team at about the company and the concept.