When you work from home (or anywhere else) your time is your most valuable resource. Using it badly can lead to frustration and even depression. And using it well can change your life. Figuring out how to use your time is an art form that most of us don’t entirely master. But the tool that can help most is your calendar.

My guest this episode is John Sindelar, CEO of Seedcode, the leading developer of Filemaker Pro extensions — and the creator of DayBack, a system for managing your calendar and reclaiming your day. DayBack is designed to help you balance your time and use it for the things in your life that are really important to you. It integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar, Office 365, Basecamp. Filemaker and Salesforce.  Not mention Slack, Harvest and Zoom.

John talks with us about where this idea came from, how it’s being used, and how it can help us all be more effective and do more of what we love. We talk about time in general — how it evaporates and how you and your team can get it back. And we talk about how he uses it himself to… you guessed it… work from home.

This episode will give you tools and insight into managing your time more effectively. And you’ll also find out about custom camper vans, artists and…surfing!

Episode Notes

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