Design thinking applies to many, many areas of our lives. The creative approach works for all kinds of problems, including economic ones.

Stever Robbins (who does the “Get It Done Guy” podcast) sent out a fascinating email quoting Kelle Sparta, a speaker, trainer and coach focused on the real estate industry. (Her new age-y vibe is not my cup of tea, but her idea seems to have real merit.)

In it, she has designed a solution for our current real estate crisis that spreads some of the financial pain among all the companies and individuals who helped create the problem in the first place, while also generating winning scenarios for property owners, banks, the government and the entire economy.

The gist? The government purchases the land under distressed properties, then leases it back to the homeowner with the right to buy it back later when they sell the home (or when they’re just more solvent). It seems to work on many levels.

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