First email I opened this morning was from the fabulous TED Talks. (Please tell me you know about these. If not, go immediately to their site and watch something. Anything.) I heard a young woman articulately explain her vision, her embarrassments, her decisions and her art. She paints people — beautiful, impressionist compositions — directly on the people themselves. On their hair. In their ears. Totally covering every surface with thick acrylic paint. Then she photographs them. The results are striking.

[ted id=1814]

In the world of bold leadership — an area of deep interest to me at the moment — people get the hell out of the way of themselves. They take risks and test things. They turn vague visions into action. Alexa Meade did that, and now we get to enjoy her work and celebrate her talent on TED. I wonder what bold vision is hiding inside us, waiting to be turned into its own amazing form of art?