Well, this is exciting! The first little piece of our new campaign for BAI Retail Delivery 2009 is live on line! Want to take a look?

Retail Delivery is the largest conference in the retail banking industry. And this year, you can imagine how on edge that industry is, and how badly they all need to figure out how to get through this economic craziness.

Fortunately, Retail Delivery will strive to be the place where that happens. It’s a chance for bankers to get together and explore where the industry needs to go post-bubble and post-TARP. BAI is at the forefront, providing research, direction, strategic input and an international forum for discussion.

For the fourth year in a row, we’re going to help them attract decisionmakers from the industry, as well as some 250 solutions providers — the companies who support the banking biz with technology and services.

In a depressed economy, that’s a tall order. But we’ve helped BAI take the first step.