Notational Velocity iconI have been using a little piece of software that is mind-blowingly simple and easy, and because of that, has begun to make a big difference in how I work.

It’s called Notational Velocity. And it is — get this — FREE.

It’s elegant. Brilliantly simple.

I use Quicksilver, so I’ve assigned a keystroke that brings NV up instantly so it’s just there when I need it. If I didn’t do that, I would just keep it running in the background (which I do) and use Command-Tab to access it when I need it.

It takes notes. You type stuff into it. I use it to capture ideas, draft emails, make little text documents I want quick access to — say a list of things I need to add to over time, to take or transcribe or organize meeting notes, to jot something down I want to refer to later, etc etc.

Unlike most text editors, this thing thrives on little bits and pieces of stuff (think Post-Its). But it can also handle much longer text.

You don’t have to save things either. It remembers what you type without your doing anything at all.

It’s so simple you can’t believe nobody’s made something like this before.

Give it a try….for a while. It took me a few weeks before I “got” it.

Awesome little addition to my workflow.