We love our work. But when our work can help change people’s lives, we love it even more.

On the Saturday before Mother’s Day, 50,000 people gathered in Los Angeles’s Exposition Park to support research for a cure for breast and ovarian cancers. It was the 15th annual EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women — and the 10th year of our involvement as design and advertising agency for the event.

A week earlier, 40,000 New Yorkers ran and walked from Times Square to Central Park for the Revlon Run/Walk there. And we handled all the marketing materials for that event as well.

Revlon Run/Walk home page By the time the pledges are in next month, these two 2008 events will have raised some $6 million to fund research in the ongoing battle with women’s cancers. All in all, the RRWW has generated more than $50 million, and has helped fund development of the drug Herceptin that has saved the lives of tens of thousands of women around the world.

From website to signage, from t-shirts to ad campaigns, from videos to victory medallions, FreeAssociates helped The Davis Group in Los Angeles and Rehage Entertainment in New York get the word out. We are thrilled to have been a part of this mind-boggling bi-coastal event.